Tuesday, May 13

Its been way baaaack 4 years ago.

Time had passed. Everything was changed. Including me, my lovelife,  and my set of friends. 

the last time i wrote here, I was this girl frustrated to get into UST. And ended up n PUP. As we all know, these two are both reputable school but they differ in social status. Currently, my sister is taking up her college degree at UST. Weird isn't it? I dunno. Maybe its just God's plan. And I accepted a bit off but still, I need to accept it.

Time has passed. I was this girl who'd like to send group messages and lots of dots in it. Now, Im a woman who has this weird forever unlimited texts and doesn't text too much. have i grown weird and boring? Not really. Maybe I just tasted the reality. The reality of getting older.

They say that the only thing that is permanent in this world today is change. And I changed a lot. I had wavy jet black hair into mahogany brown rebonded straight hair. I ended up making my own identity. did i make one? did i just copied every pieces of myself today to different persons? I dunno. Maybe its a mix of original and cheat.

I am listening to a melodramatic song while writing this. At this point of time, I'm having one of my most biggest decisions that will affect my entire career in the future. And it is very stressing.

They said everything happens for a reason. And the reason is unknown. Sometimes I can go by this saying and live my life. But I can't help to ask, can i know the reason why? 

PS. Im sorry for being a bit negative right now. Just being confused.

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